Georgia Classic Rides presents $4000 to local Children’s charities:​

On September 22, 2018, Georgia Classic Rides presented $4000 to local Children’s charities, including Paulding Cops for Kids, Paulding Christmas, Shepherd’s Rest Ministries, and the Paulding County Boys & Girls Club.

Pictured l-r: Tony Oliver-Georgia Classic Rides, Carter Astin-Georgia Classic Rides, Sherrel Astin-Georgia Classic Rides, Ellie Kate Astin-Georgia Classic Rides, Yolanda Newell-Boys & Girls Club, Ellis Astin-Georgia Classic Rides, Angelia Farries-Boys & Girls Club, Gary Gulledge-Cops for Kids, Larry Carroll-Georgia Classic Rides, David Birkinbine-Georgia Classic Rides, Carol Carroll-Georgia Classic Rides, Laurie Henslee-Georgia Classic Rides, Alex Henslee-Georgia Classic Rides, Nancy Oliver-Georgia Classic Rides, Leah Henslee-Georgia Classic Rides, Vicki Paris-Paulding Christmas, Doris Devey-Shepherd’s Rest Ministries, Ken Mason-Georgia Classic Rides